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3d Cover of Advanced Tarot Secrets book
About Advanced Tarot Secrets 
This book reveals the advanced spread techniques and trade secrets used every day by the top psychics in the world. It is a how-to-do-it handbook for the professional who charges $100 to $1,000 an hour to wealthy clients who expect results. These skills are essential if you are going to read for celebrity or corporate (or government) clients. Improve your accuracy and strengthen your intuition by practicing the 11 new exercises and playing the 6 new games detailed in this book.
You will learn how to:
  • Find lost items and missing people with the Tarot
  • Manifest practically anything you desire out of thin air using your cards
  • Read the distant past (and future); great for solving mysteries—and crimes
  • Solve problems and brainstorm with the Tarot
  • Overcome writer’s block and master storytelling in the section specifically for authors

The Tarot is not a parlor game. In the hands of a master it is a research tool used to read the future and rewrite the events to be. This book is the official textbook for the House of White mystery school and it will take your readings to a level of mastery that puts you head and shoulders above most Tarot readers you will ever meet.

There is no guesswork involved with the Tarot, or this book. There are time-tested techniques that work, and it is time that you learn and use them. Advanced Tarot Secrets picks up from where The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—Ever!! left off. You build on the knowledge you already have to deepen your bond with your cards and make them reveal layers of information from the same exact spreads you are using right now. We start you off by learning and doing new exercises, all designed to strengthen your intuition. These simulate the exact methods you use in “real life” readings, and make you infinitely more comfortable reading for other people. Next we introduce you to 6 new games that teach you how to see the various layers of meaning each card offers, and how cards interact in a spread. These games help you understand how the Tarot reflects the intricacies of daily life: In a simple ten-card spread you can see more details than three other people reading the same spread.
People the world over LOVE these two books
Real-life tarot student results
Guess what?! Guess what!? I am doing a 4 person get together as the featured reader today!  It is kinda like a mini party. Only they want me to do more in-depth readings than if it were a real party. I charge $100 an hour for parties or where there is more than ppl. The last party I did at Halloween I was there for about 3 hours and there was a constant line.  Whew. I worked my booty off.  I love doing parties. 🙂
Helen O'Banon
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