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Easy tarot spreads

We have been teaching professional tarot readers for well over three decades! More than that, we have been reading tarot for even longer than that! Here are some of our favorite spreads that will wow your clients—absolutely free—along with full instructions on how and when to use them best!

Printable handouts

Did you know that your book comes with FREE HANDOUTS? Originally these were made for the ebook version, but you can download them to help your tarot studies simply by clicking the friendly blue button below (just pick the ones you want). These free handouts are for BOTH tarot books.


Shuffling, cutting, & dealing

Below we have made some short-attention-span-friendly example videos of the various techniques professionals use and we constantly refer to in the various tarot courses we offer.


As straightforward as it may seem, not everyone knows every shuffle, cut, and how to deal. Sometimes you know the technique, but the term used is different from what you are used to. To make everything just a little easier, here are some short videos showcasing the important basics.

Video examples of core techniques

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