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About the author

Mini Bio:

Dusty White is the author of several texts, including The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—Ever!! He is a former professional Beverly Hills psychic, astrologer, teacher, and card reader with an international clientele of over 15,000. He is also the creator of the Nightshade sensual oil reputed by many to have potent aphrodisiac prowess, and the founder and creator of Faerie Spell magical herbal candles, soaps, and papers.

Retiring from individual consultation to focus specifically on research and teaching metaphysics in small classes, he now invests his time working on easily accessible educational devices for the general public and advanced instruction for serious students. More information is available upon request.

Contact info:

Dusty White can be contacted directly at:

About the book


The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—Ever!! is written to help anyone interested in actually learning to use the Tarot for divination or magical usage to quickly & easily understand and bond with their on personal decks. The book is laid out in a workbook fashion with a quick-start format so that any student can easily see results with, or without a teacher standing over them. Exercises are paired with examples and worksheets to facilitate easy comprehension of complex issues. What is lacking is any sense of dogma or rigmarole usually associated with the Tarot often found in books on the subject.


This book is about developing a basic, thorough, & solid understanding of the Tarot whether the student ends up reading personally or professionally. The Tarot itself is an amazingly useful tool in personal development and its use in magic and basic attraction and repulsion exercise work is unsurpassed. Advanced Tarot usage instruction is forthcoming, and is also available immediately to the student immediately from professional Tarot teachers or from any of the reputable mystery schools whom we  either work with or maintain updated information on at our site.

What’s next:

Stay tuned. In 2010 we will unveil the most miraculous new form of divination since the Tarot was devised, and quite possibly the single most powerful magical tool ever created to date. Of course our students will b the very first to have access to this information.

About the site

The site is divided into two basic parts. The outer area and the inner sanctum. The outer area contains basic useful information for public consumption and updates on any public affairs. The inner sanctum is a private place of learning reserved for our students, being those who have purchased a copy of The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—Ever!! and who are actively pursuing knowledge of the Tarot. Other private areas may exist additionally for students and teachers as needed.

What’s inside:

We maintain a semi-private forum, one easily accessed by any of our students and teachers. This is a place where information is shared, general Tarot knowledge is stored, and community is formed and maintained. In addition, monthly contests and puzzles are offered. Guest teachers occasionally drop by and articles, blogs, and lesson podcasts can also be found. Any fully-private areas are reserved specifically for student learning.

Contact info:

Please direct any general questions pertaining to this website, student instruction, teaching requests, or the organization to this email address. Thank you! We look forward to your comments.

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Tarot news and events from around the web:

We will post relevant news and events as we become aware of them. If you would like to see your book, lecture, event, or other news posted here, please email us here.

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