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All of the blogs, articles, ebooks, and podcasts you will find here are designed to help you quickly and easily master what you learn in our book, so if you haven’t gotten you own copy of our book yet please buy a copy and start learning now! If you have your copy of The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—Ever!! please log-in and look around, get expert help, or join the ongoing discussion. Remember to stop in often to get the new Tarot podcasts and blog lessons. We also have guest lecturers from time to time, so don’t miss that.

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The Easiest Way to 
Learn the Tarot—EVER!!
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The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—Ever!! is a fun, easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to actually mastering the Tarot, rather than yet another boring book of complicated meanings and gobbledygook that ends up distracting you from having fun learning to read for your friends, family, and clients. All of the exercises, spreads, practice sheets, and helpful guides have been carefully designed and tested over the years to make learning the Tarot quick, easy, and fun. Take a look inside the book for yourself by clicking here!

Because not everyone is fortunate enough to have a personal Tarot instructor standing over their shoulder helping them learn, we have created this site to act as a central information area where all of our students (those who have teachers already, and those who are actively teaching themselves) can come to find community, additional help and instruction, news, forums, and guest lectures by Tarot experts.

The whole purpose of this site is to help everyone who has a copy of our book. If you are having trouble with any of the exercises, have a few questions, or you just want to share your ideas with people who love the Tarot, you are welcome here. Simply register and log in! The site is a self-

building, ongoing communal learning center, so you will find all sorts of new information over time. We welcome your thoughts and opinions and look forward to your participation!

We want to help as many people as possible through a new system of distance education; one that focuses on a combination of self-teaching (with or without a personal instructor you will have to read the book and do the exercises yourself), individual tutoring (by use of podcasts, blogs, articles and webinars, etc.), and community support from teachers and other students through our private forums.

We have been developing this idea since 1998 and we hope you will enjoy your experiences here and that you will in turn contribute your ideas and knowledge to the community as well. As your skills increase, you may even think of teaching others here one day.

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